Our Approach

We offer you services in Data Protection – Online, Onsite, Outsourced

We keep Data Protection simple, smart and affordable.
We put you in charge of what needs to be done and when.

We leverage years of experience in:

  • Delivering organisational change
  • Finding solutions to common problems
  • Planning sensibly to prepare for new regulations and technology.

We have a network of implementation specialists with a wide range of industry experience.


We follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Train – Build training and awareness
  2. Assess – Be pragmatic about what needs done and when
  3. Deliver – Flexibly, based on your resources


We keep it SIMPLE.

  • Jargon busters and myth debunking
  • Easy to follow Data Protection Framework and checklists
  • Template packs with pre-populated policies and procedures with minimum customisation needed
  • Online or onsite training
  • Regular or ad hoc outsourced Data Protection Officer


We make it SMART.

  • Specific – to your business.  What is needed and nothing that is not
  • Measurable – compliance must be demonstrable. If you cannot measure it you cannot prove it
  • Achievable – a flexible plan. Based on your resources
  • Relevant – to your business.  Within the regulations
  • Timely – do the right things. At the right time


We keep it AFFORDABLE.

  • Free access to jargon busters
  • Free checklist
  • Template pack £150 + vat
  • Online training from £25 + vat
  • Onsite training from £150 + vat
  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer from £199 + vat per annum
  • Data Protection Audits from £299 + vat


We work with a range of associated specialist companies who offer:

  • Legal advice on GDPR – revision of contracts and HR requirements
  • IT Security & Cyber Security protection
  • Insurance protection for GDPR against Data & Cyber Breaches
  • IT & Cloud services – all fully GDPR compliant
If you want straightforward support and guidance, just contact us today.
Be Data Smart.  Be Compliant.
Data protection is here to stay.