How do I get started with GDPR compliance?

GDPR compliance
Getting started.

Getting started is easier than you may think.  Follow our simple Route to Data Protection compliance and make them SMART for your organisation.

  1. Training
  2. Assess – your data and understand your responsibilities
  3. To do list 
  4. Put in place the essential policies, procedures and contract updates
1. Training

We find that our clients need an overview and understanding of the changes and their responsibilities before being able to apply them in their organisation.

So we have produced Online training to keep this simple and affordable.

The training should help your organisation to answer the following questions:

  • Are all decision makers and key people in your organisation aware that the law has changed?
  • Do they understand the operational changes which need to be in place?
  • Do they need to understand the business risks from not making the appropriate operational changes?
  • Are all staff aware of rights of Individuals to their data?

Contact us to arrange an awareness session for your business or sign up for our online training courses.


2. Assess

Identify what your business requires to change to become compliant.   Follow our Compliance made Simple – Route to Data Protection Compliance guidance

  • The Information (Data) you hold – document what you hold, where it came from and who you share it with, who processes it, where it is stored and what security is in place.
  • Your role – are you a Data Controller or Data Processor?  What responsibilities do you have?

Contact us to guide you through what needs to be done for your business.

We can provide a template pack of policies, procedures and privacy notices all nicely wrapped in a flexible Data Protection Framework which can be applied easily to any organisation.

3. To do list

Using the information gained from the Assessment we will create a plan of action to address the highest priority risks to your business –  first.

We work with you using your resources to guide you through the changes needed, with regular meetings and as much support as required.

4. Put in place the essential policies, procedures and contract updates

There are six key documents you must have.  See our Route to Data Protection Compliance

Contracts with third parties, employees and suppliers may need to be reviewed or updated.


We don’t just provide services for you to become compliant, we also provide services to keep you compliant.

We provide outsourced the services for a Data Protection Officer ready, when you need them.

GDPR Compliance

Contact us today.

Be Data Smart.  Be Compliant.
Data protection is here to stay.


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