Your new responsibilities

Data Controller
There is no need to panic… but you do need to be prepared:

– Your business operations must be ready to provide the services for handling and processing personal data.

–  You need to tell customers and employees exactly what data you hold, why you hold it and for how long it will be held.

–  Your staff are required to understand the GDPR, the rights of individuals to their data, and how to manage those rights.

– You need to understand your roles and responsibilities as a Data Controller or Data Processor.

We can help you achieve this.

We do this by working with your organisation in a pragmatic and cost effective way.  At your pace, with your resources, based on your unique business.

We take you through it, step by step using our Route to Data Protection Compliance:

1) Identify the data you hold

2) Make the operational changes you need to manage individuals’ rights to their data.

3) Identify and define the GDPR roles: Data Controller, Data Processor and Data Protection Officer.

4) Train and educate your staff.

5) Demonstrate compliance with our template pack:

– Operational Policies and Procedures

– Professionally written

– Customised for your business

– Easy to use for monitoring and controlling adherence to the regulations

–  An organisational asset, for the future


If you need help with becoming GDPR compliant, contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.

Be Data Smart.  Be Compliant.
Data Protection is here to stay.

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